Idea Parties | Off The Map

Posted on December 5, 2009


Idea Parties | Off The Map

The Idea Party™ Foundations are:

* My idea is a good idea when it’s your idea.
* People do what they feel not what they think
* Data follows decisions
* People remember what they say not what you say

So the question becomes – How do we, as leaders, create experiences that move people to take action? Our answer is the idea party™ – an alternative approach to leadership development that focuses on people’s participative role.

My experience, both as a leader and one being led, is that most leaders see their job as “filling the space”, but actually what the idea party™ is based upon is that a leader’s more integrative job is to “defend the space”. Defending the space requires leaders to think about much more than “what am I going to say in this meeting” because leaders (like it or not) create experiences that move people to take action.

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