Description of a Missional Church

Posted on December 12, 2008


  • A missional church is a collection of missional believers acting in concert together in fulfillment of the missio dei.1
  • A
    missional church is one where people are exploring and rediscovering
    what it means to be Jesus’ sent people as their identity and vocation.
  • A missional church is faith communities willing and ready to be Christ’s people in their own situation and place.
  • A
    missional church knows that they must be a cross-cultural missionary
    (contextual) people and adopt a missionary stance in relation to their
  • A missional church will be engaged with the
    culture (in the world) without being absorbed by the culture (not of
    the world). They will become intentionally indigenous.
  • A
    missional church understands that God is already present in the culture
    where it finds itself. Therefore, a missional church doesn’t view its
    purpose as bringing God into the culture or taking individuals out of
    the culture to a sacred space.
  • A missional church is about
    more than just being contextual, it is also about the nature of the
    church and how it relates to God.
  • A missional church is about being — being conformed to the image of God.


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