Different ways to be together

Posted on September 20, 2008


“Have you ever pondered, in those moments in church when your mind
starts to wander, that almost all of the hundreds or thousands of
church ‘services’ you have attended have been almost exactly the same?
I don’t mean in the topics addressed, or in the effect upon you
personally. I mean in form. This is curious, is it not? Why are we not
capable of more creativity?

Let’s allow our minds to imagine some other possibilities; a blank
sheet of paper. If a group of 120 Christians were going to assemble
together each week, to gather around Christ, what different things
might they do that would pass the edification test? And how might they
do them? There are no doubt countless answers, but here are five that
quickly came to my mind…”

Tony Payne in the Briefing

Posted in: Missional Church